• Asphalt Drum Mixer and Aggregate Dryer Uni-Flights
5-Year Veiling Guarantee
Maintain a consistent veil longer than the competition
Avoid excessive fuel consumption caused by improper veiling
Will not fold over or distort from wear
  • Discharge Flights with Tungsten Carbide for Asphalt Drum Mixer Plants
Superior clean out performance
Minimize asphalt build up
Longest wearlife in the industry and aren’t subject to breakage
  • TCI Connector Ring Scraper
Eliminates asphalt buildup and prevents connector ring failure
  • TCI RAP Bucket
Lasts much longer than OEM & prevents costly and time consuming maintenance
  • TCI RAP Scoop
Dramatically increases wearlife
Prevents RAP build-up in the hard to get to RAP collar
  • Spiral Flight Shoes for All Drum Mix Plants
Eliminates the extreme localized wear that is such a problem on most spiral flights
Bolt-on design for easy installation and replacement
In most cases the flight shoe can be installed on worn flights as long as there is
enough material to support the mounting bolts
  • Heavy Duty Butterfly Flights for GENCOR Drum Mix Plants
  • Combustion and Mixing Flights
Prevent premature warping and failure of combustion flights with special
“Alloy-K” combustion flight casting
Prevents “folding over” of the base flight and maintains functionality
  • Uni-Mix  Parts for Asphalt Batch Plants, Drum Mix Coaters, and Lime Pugmills
2 to 4 times longer wearlife than other shanks
Eliminates frequent hardfacing, rebuilding and replacement
Streamline shank design 90 degree rotation reduces drag and wear
Fits either left or right, eliminating need for separate inventories
Provides maximum shank protection in the high wear zone below mixer tip
Contoured shape slices through mix to minimize friction and reduce wear
5-minute tip replacement with just a hammer and punch
Contoured shape allows superior mixing performance
  • Pugmill Liners
  • Pugmill Seal Collars
  • Cone Liners
  • Slat Conveyor Liners
  • Slat End Protectors
Protects high wear areas at outside end of slats
  • Chute Liners
  • Baghouse Parts
Pipe Elbows
Dry Bearings
Coupling Shafts
  • Transfer Screw Conveyor
  • Elevator Buckets w/Tungsten Carbide
Substantially longer wearlife than standard buckets
Tungsten Carbide Wear Lips are also available individually to rebuild existing buckets
  • Tungsten Carbide Impregnated Wear Strips & Plates
Many uses
Ideal for extreme abrasive wear areas such as landing zones or transfer points
Made to your specs
  • Alloy-K Wear Plates
Applications: chutes, slat conveyor floors, troughs, spouts, flop gates, bed, and bin hoppers                for the asphalt, concrete, mining, quarry, brick, sand, gravel, grain and other material
handling industries

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